Meet Dr. Karen Peacock!

When I think of an individual that I would completely trust with my animal’s care, Dr. Karen Peacock is one of the first to come to mind. She is not only an outstanding person in general, but the amount of care she puts into her work is nothing short of amazing. She is both an accomplished veterinarian and a dear friend. It is my honor and privilege to write this article on such a beautiful person.

Dr. Karen Peacock was born in Indianapolis, Indiana where she grew up with one younger sibling, a brother named Brian. She attended the University of Indianapolis where she received her Bachelors in Biology. She then attended Purdue University and graduated in 1996.

She married in 2007 to Larry Peacock. They were introduced to each other at a sci-fi convention by a friend wearing a stormtrooper costume. From that day on they have been living in the “geek dream” ever since.

Since she was little, Dr. Peacock had always wanted to be a veterinarian. From an early age, she would follow her dad, a biology professor, around campus. Animals were always her passion and she was not going to let anything or anyone stand her way from achieving her dream.

Besides animals, some of Dr. Peacock’s passions include painting, cooking, anything sci-fi-related, and teaching. In fact, before she comes to work in the morning, she teaches English to kids in China. She of course loves spending time with her loving husband and her fur baby, Meko the pug, who in her mind is the “cutest pug on the planet!” Dr. Peacock saved Meko from Parvo and ever since then, their bond has been irreplaceable.

She enjoys being a veterinarian and being able to take care of such a wide variety of animals. She loves being able to be there for people, whether making both family members and pets lifes better, or being there in their time of need. She acknowledges the trust that people instill in her, and welcomes the challenges and victories that may come from that. “Medicine can be challenging and heartbreaking at times, especially when the body doesn’t respond like you want it to. It is extremely heavy on my heart because I feel so much compassion and sympathy for the pet and the family. But it is also special that they trust me to help their pets”. Regardless of the situation, Dr. Peacock will be there for you every step of the way.

Unfortunately, Dr. Peacock is in need of dialysis for her sick kidneys. She has currently been on the transplant list for over five years now. But you would never know her struggles because she is always positive and cheerful. She likes raising awareness about kidney disease, people on dialysis and organ donation and feels strongly about each person documenting whether you choose to be a donor.

Dr. Peacock has been working for A Caring Vet for three years now. She is most definitely loved by the entire staff, including all the animals she comes in contact with. She has a very contagious personality where you cannot help but both love and admire her.

Rest assured that your pets are always in the best of hands when Dr. Peacock is involved. You couldn’t ask for a better veterinarian.

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