Pets and Anxiety

Let’s talk about anxiety for a second. While anything related to mental health can be a touchy subject in today’s day and age, it is true that in the life of a pet, anxiety can be just as real for them as it can for you and me. Though not all animals are affected by this, it’s important to know that it can exist and what to watch for in case your pet suffers from such a condition.

If you’ve ever experienced anxiety yourself, you know what a suffocating feeling it can be if left untreated. Now let’s put ourselves in our pets shoes. Not only may they be experiencing some form of anxiety, but they have no way of communicating this to us. This is why we have to be diligent in watching for the symptoms so that we can be their advocate when they need us the most. Their quality of life, health and longevity depends on it.

Anxiety in our pets can be caused by numerous things. During the warmer months, we all know what a toll fireworks can play on our furry friends. Any loud noises such as yelling or thunder can also affect our pets and raise their level of anxiety. Traveling with your pet can be another anxiety-triggered induced moment.

Separation anxiety can also be triggered when your pet becomes upset from being separated from the ones they are attached to the most. Animals who have experienced some form of cruelty may be more prone to anxiety.

Then there’s the pets who simply suffer from anxiety without being able to pinpoint a specific cause. Either way, wherever the anxiety stems from, it is important to watch for any of the following signs. Barking or howling when the owner isn’t home, hiding, running away or cowering in the corner, shivering, digging, panting even when it’s not hot, pacing the floor, not eating well and losing weight, urinating more frequently, and in some cases, diarrhea and vomiting can occur.

Remember that your pet counts on you to be there for them during their time of need. It’s up to you and me to ensure your pets’ health and happiness. Call our office today to discuss your pets anxiety with one of our veterinarians

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